Improving your cashflow while you take advantage of overseas opportunities

We recognise that as an export business, selling goods or services to overseas customers can present a number of financial challenges. At the same time, you need to manage the day-to-day complexities of operating internationally. 

We can help your business overcome unpredictable payment cycles with Export Factoring, giving you access to money tied up in invoices without having to wait for bills to be paid. You can also protect against bad debt with our Credit Protection service. In addition to funding, our Export team can provide language, currency, time zone and legal support. 

The benefits to your Logistics company

Our funding can help you to:

  • Plan your cash flow with confidence and fulfil your export orders
  • Bridge any cash flow gaps with a cash injection against the value of your overseas invoices

  • Focus on the day-to-day running of your business with our complete credit control service

Why choose us?

We can help you because:

  • We help you to bridge up the gap between billings and payments
  • We support your business world-wide with our global network
  • We provide flexibility on your funding limit to align with your business growth 
  • Our detailed knowledge of overseas markets means we can also support you with language, currency, time and legal expertise

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