How Factoring can help your business

If you want to relieve cash flow pressures, get access to cash tied up in invoices and free up your time chasing late payments, then Factoring can help your business. It improves your cash flow and is efficient because we manage your sales ledger, credit control and collect payments from your customers.

Factoring services are ideal for businesses that face cash flow challenges and want factoring companies to manage collections from their customers. It can bridge the gap between raising customer invoices and getting paid. At the same time, it can free up your time because we manage your invoicing and debt collection processes. Download Factoring Guide

What is Factoring?

Factoring is a quick and easy way to release cash that's tied up in your customers' outstanding invoices, allowing you to access your funds earlier. To find out how factoring works and how it can help your business, watch our short video.

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Features and Benefits of Factoring


  • We release up to 90% of invoice value usually within 24 hours
  • The cash you can access grows in line with your sales
  • We liaise with your customers for payment
  • We can offer Credit Protection
  • You can manage your account with our 24/7 Client Online service



  • Speed: access to cash within 24 hours to meet payments or make important purchases
  • Control: we manage your credit control and sales ledger management
  • Personal: we get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach
  • Convenience: you can check your funding at any time with our 24/7 Client Online service
  • Security: you have the option to protect against customer insolvency with Credit Protection


How Factoring works?

Invoice your customers

And send a copy to us

We pay up to 90% of the value of your invoice

Within 24hrs, allowing you to pay your staff, suppliers and take on new orders

We collect payment on your behalf

Leaving you to focus on running your business

We pay you any remaining balances

Minus any agreed fees

Is your businesses suitable for Factoring?

Your business could be suitable to use Factoring if you:

  • Yes: provide goods and/or services to other businesses
  • Yes: issue your customers with credit terms of between 30 and 120 days
  • Yes: want us to manage your credit control
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